Everyone get excited!

It’s time for the PA Regional Tournament. The competition will be held on Saturday, March 21st at the Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School in the Gymnasium.

It's Tournament Time!

Dear Families,

Everyone get excited! It’s time for the PA Regional Tournament. The competition will be held on Saturday, March 21st at the Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School in the Gymnasium. 

We welcome participants and families from all our Pennsylvania schools, including: Ambler, Chalfont, Chester Springs, Harleysville, Mechanicsburg and Montco. 

The divisions have been broken down as fairly as possible. Divisions for forms have been determined by age and rank. Trophies for competitors will be awarded to first through fourth place.

As always, we strive to make this event as successful as possible and appreciate you showing your support by competing and attending. Just remember, that the important thing is not whether you win, but rather the fact that you came out and tried. This is a personal achievement that you should be proud of. 

With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck and urge you to get out there and support your school! 

Yours in the Martial Arts, 

Sensei Paul Manili 

3rd Degree Black Belt 

Owner, Villari’s of Chester Springs




The Tournament

The Villari's Pennsylvania Regional Tournament is being held on March 21st at the Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School in Gwynedd Valley, PA. The tournament is open to any person enrolled in a Villari's school, from white belt to black belt. 

The Location

The Tournament is being held in the gymnasium of the Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School. This spacious facility is a great place for the competition. 1345 Sumneytown Pike, Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002 


Competitor Tickets: 

  • $35 for 2 events (Ages 4-6)
  • $49 for 2 events (Ages 7+)
  • $10 for each additional event
  • Leadership Program receives 20% off

Spectator Tickets (sold at the door): 

  • $10.00 for those 12 and up
  • $5.00 for those 4 to 11
  • 3 and under are FREE


8:30 AM

All BLACK BELT events, all ADULT events, Synchronized Forms, Breaking, all WEAPONS events.

10:00 AM

All LEOPARD CUBS events, All Juniors and Teens Self Defense and Forms events.

11:30 AM


12:00 PM

All Juniors and Teens SPARRING EVENTS

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your event. Come early to watch the other events! Bring your camera! 

Tournament Procedures

Competition can be a stressful and nerve racking event for your child. That’s okay! One of the reasons for organizing these tournaments is to guide your child through this competitive experience successfully. Not to remove all the stress, but rather to help them overcome their nervousness and have a safe, fun and successful event. 

The idea being that they can build on this small success and carry their new-found confidence into other parts of their life. Remember that this is probably one of the reasons you got them into Karate in the first place!

When you Arrive

When you arrive, look for the registration table. Your child will have been given their registration cards before the event, but make sure you register at the table before entering the arena. Students should keep their registration cards with them throughout the tournament. 

Beginner Information

Every year, many beginners wonder if they are 'ready' to participate in the tournament. The answer is YES! 

We have divisions designed to explore competing without any scariness or intensity. They will be given lots of positive reinforcement and applause throughout the event to reinforce their accomplishment and build their confidence. 

Between now and the tournament, instructors will be preparing the students for the event... they'll know what to do.


When the judges are preparing their rings for competition, they will call out the divisions and the kids will bring their registration card to the ring. They will then be asked to sit down around the ring and wait to be called. Sit quietly in kneeling position or cross legged until you are called out to perform your material.  


Preperation Tips

When to be there

When to be there

When to be there

Please check the tournament schedule carefully for the time of the appropriate event and try to arrive at least 30 minutes to an hour before the event to acclimate yourself and/or your child to the environment. 

What to Bring

When to be there

When to be there

FULL uniforms should be worn to the tournament, or you may change in the bathrooms that are available. Full uniform and belt are required for all competitors. Bring a camera to take pictures or video of the events and of friends/family as they compete.  


When to be there


Do not obstruct ring views. Feel free to video and photograph your favorite competitor, but remember, others want to watch too. Crowding around the ring is unsafe for competitors and blocks the view of those seated. Use the seating available to prevent unnecessary delays. 


Safety Equipment


Have your tickets with you. Make sure you bring your competitor tickets, or you may have to pay an admission fee at the door.

Ring Locations

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Ring locations will be announced during the tournament. Be sure to pay attention when all the action is going on. 

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is required. Helmet, gloves, foot pads, and mouth guard are required for all sparring competitors. 

Competitive Divisions


Traditional Forms

Traditional Forms


 In many ways Sparring resembles a game of tag. The object is to score a point to a legal target area. A point is scored when a punch or kick is thrown toward a legal target area on the opponent. 

Parents are encouraged to outfit their children with a complete set of foam sparring gear. Foam gear is worn only to protect against accidental contact, not to encourage contact. 

Traditional Forms

Traditional Forms

Traditional Forms


These forms must capture the essence of classic martial arts movements, displaying the traditional techniques, stances, and footwork.  

Emphasis is placed on execution of technique, application of technique, balance, speed, power, solid stances, and focus. 

All forms are judged on an individual basis according to rank, not against the other competitors.  In this manner, all competitors have an equal chance of winning. 

Self Defense

Traditional Forms

Weapons Forms


Competitors will perform up to THREE pre-arranged techniques for the judges with a partner as the attacker. Judges

will award points based on control, precision, power, and spirit.

When you are using a partner for your self-defense techniques, remember to pick him/her before the tournament, their job is to make you look good, so practice!

Weapons Forms

Synchronized Forms

Weapons Forms


When judging a weapon performance the judges will focus primarily on the effective use and control of the weapon. All other aspects of form competition will also be judged, though the weapon is the primary point of judging.  

Synchronized Forms

Synchronized Forms

Synchronized Forms


Special emphasis in this division is placed on how the form is synchronized. Members should be doing the same moves at the same time or in domino fashion. 


Synchronized Forms

Synchronized Forms


Competitors decide the size of the board they wish to break - 4", 6", or 12" inch boards at the time of online registration. Students also decide the strike to break the board. Judges will determine the winner based on creativity and difficulty of break. 

Register Today!

We encourage everyone to bring their friends and family members and our team will make it a fun filled day for competitors and visitors alike.