We Want to Help in Anyway We Can!

We would like to get more involved with the public school system. Please allow us to help with school supplies, donations, guest readers, volunteering and fundraising. We work with children everyday and we strike to make better communities by working together with the public and private schools.

Partners in Education


My name is Paul Manili and I am the owner of Villari's Self Defense Centers in Chester Springs. 

Villari's would like to be a part of fundraising for your PTA organization. For years Villari's has worked with the local public and private school PTAs for fundraising through fall festivals, health fairs, game nights, and donations for auctions. First I would like to ask what kind of fundraising will be taking place for your PTA this year and how can we be a productive partner in making these events a success? 

Secondly, Villari's Self Defense Centers is backed by the Skills for Schools program. Skills for Schools was developed to help Villari's studios give back to their community’s youth by conducting free community events that are educational in these areas; Character Training / Development, School Safe / Street Safe, and Done with Bullying. These presentations have been presented within schools and martial arts studios across the country. In the past some PTAs will promote these events and will charge a small fee or collect donations for the PTA. 100% of the funds go to the PTA and each one of the kids will receive a FREE Karate Scholarship and certificate on behalf of Villari's Self Defense Centers.

I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about doing one of these seminars for your school and since Villari's Self Defense Centers is backed by our Skills for School program, we will be able to give the proceeds to your PTA organization! 

The third way we have raised funds for the local PTA is through Parent’s Night Out events at Villari's Self Defense Centers facilities or at the school’s gym where the children come from 6-10:30pm on a Friday or Saturday night. During this event the Villari's staff will play games and martial arts inspired games, conduct a marital arts lesson structured around goal setting and character development, have a pizza party, watch a movie and raffle for prizes along with our mascots. 

Please contact me to schedule a time to discuss these various ways to raise funds and educate our community’s youth through these awesome events. 

Empowering lives through martial arts, 

Paul Manili

Villari's Self Defense Centers of Chester Springs


We Want To Help


Principal & A/B Honor Roll Certificates

Principal & A/B Honor Roll Certificates

Principal & A/B Honor Roll Certificates

Say something interesting about We provide FREE Principal & A/B Honor Roll certificates. We like to congratulate the student's that are achieving success by letting them know!


P.E. Teacher for the Day Gym Classes

Principal & A/B Honor Roll Certificates

Principal & A/B Honor Roll Certificates

Looking for a fun, educational and motivational activity for your school's P.E. class? Challenge and reward your students by hosting a Martial Arts class for the entire day!


Bully Buster Seminars and Assemblies

Principal & A/B Honor Roll Certificates

Bully Buster Seminars and Assemblies

Bullying is a serious issue. Martial Arts provides your students with the confidence to know how to avoid such situations.  In this workshop, participants will learn NON-AGGRESSIVE methods to AVOID conflict and stay safe.

School Fundraising Programs


Skills for Schools

This four-week course focuses on character development, child safety and basic self defense. Sessions are held at Villari's Self Defense Centers located in Chester Springs.

Twice each week, students learn a variety of skills including goal setting and perseverance that will develop their confidence and bring out their very best at home, at school and in all areas of their lives.

The four week course includes a martial arts t-shirt and is only $49.00 (a $169 value). The parent / teacher group gets all the money and the students come back with a very positive attitude.



Host a kick-a-thon fundraiser at the end of the school year to help kids channel some of that summer excitement into an end-of-the-year fundraiser.

Our kick-a-thon is a fun activity for all the students of your Elementary School. It all starts with the Kick-Off Assembly where each class will be assigned a kicking day. Each student will do 500 kicks under the direction of a Martial Arts instructor. 

Students ask their family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them with a donation. Donation amounts can be a flat donation, a rate based on the number of kicks (i.e. 1 penny per kick), or a combination of both. 

Donations may be made online, by cash, or by check payable to the to PTA. We also provide prizes and incentives for students who participate and fundraiser.


2, 3, or 4-Week Courses

This course is open to all K-5 Students (Boys and Girls.) Each week we'll work on fun and exciting Martial Arts Skills, in addition to Focus, Confidence and Goal Setting. These classes are held each week at your Elementary School and includes our amazing Graduation Ceremony!

Goal-setting is one of the aspects that helps make our karate students so successful in all aspects of life.  The goal of the Program is to prepare the students for graduation. At the graduation, each child will have an opportunity to perform what they have learned for their family and friends, giving them a positive environment to showcase their knowledge. 

The students will also receive a Certificate of Participation for completing the course. We highly encourage all parents and students to attend this fun and motivating event. After the ceremony, there will be a pizza party for everyone who attends.

The PTA chooses what to charge for the program and 100% of the proceeds will be donated back to your school.


Download our brochures for more information and to share with your colleges.

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