Teen Martial Arts at Villari's

12-16 Years Old

Through martial arts training, your teen will learn guiding principles like consequences of actions, hard work and dedication, decision making and how to interact with others. 

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Increased Confidence, Bully Prevention, and Much More!

Self Confidence

Does your teenager need help developing confidence?

Absolutely! Many parents enroll their teens in our program because it quickly gives them the skills to be confident in any situation.

Our Teen Martial Arts Program is for young adults, ages 12 through 16. Students at this age level are constantly preparing for new phases in life--such as, high school. 

Therefore, confidence can be an issue. In the teen class, we assist the students in building confidence by setting goals and helping the students achieve them.   

Bully Proof your Teen

Bully-Proof Your Children by Building Their Resilience

Our program will give your teen the skills needed to deal with Bullies! As you know, bullying is a very serious problem in today's society and martial arts classes are the solution to make your teenager "Bully-Proof!"

Our classes will give your child the ability to handle verbal and physical bullying as well as the confidence to speak up and tell a trusted adult if they need help! As you can see, martial arts is so much more than just kicking and punching, it's life-changing!

Teen Karate Fun

Social Media... Offline!

Our program for teens is a great way for kids to socialize with others their age in a safe and controlled environment

They'll make friendships with classmates which will help develop a sense of belonging, crucial for fostering self-confidence during the often awkward teenage years.

Serving Young Adults Well INto the Future

Decision-Making Skills

Villari's provides a structured training system to teach how to avoid situations that produce negative outcomes. What's more, we'll develop the confidence that is central to making good decisions in life. We provide the perfect curriculum to develop great decision making skills so they are prepared to enter the adult world.

Staying Active and Fit

With mobile technology at an all-time high, teens often miss out on the physical fitness that is important to their overall health. Our classes are taught with fun curriculum which motives students to want to train. Your son or daughter will be excited about attending their next class! 


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