Kids learn valuable life skills through martial arts

Villari's Core Life Skills

Colors of Character

There is more to Karate than learning to kick and punch. The Colors of Character program was created to balance your child's physical development with the concepts of Self Discipline, Self Control and Respect for Others. The program consists of a series of exercises designed to help you instill and strengthen your child's understanding of these core character traits. 

These rules provide the foundation for developing your child’s character skills, which leads to success in all other areas of life.  Students are encouraged, rewarded and reminded to follow these 3 Rules at home, in school and at the Dojo.

Villari's uses these rules to develop and reinforce the strength of character that is needed to resist peer pressure, drugs and alcohol and all the other forces that make growing up today such a tremendous challenge.

Life Skills: Colors of Character

Life Skills: Colors of Character

Thre Rules of the School

Respect for Others

Life Skills: Respect

Treating others the way I would like to be treated. 


Life Skills: Self-Discipline

Doing the things I know I should do without having to be asked or told. 


Life Skills: Self-Control

 Controlling my behavior to fit the situation and being responsible for my actions. 

Kids Develop Quality Life Skills


Focus is one of the most important skills required in karate classes. It means staying consistent and dedicated to your goal and not getting distracted by things that don't matter. It means keeping your eyes, mind, and body on the end result. When you have focus, you can accomplish anything!


As children work to earn their next belt level, they’re not only learning self defense but are building their self-esteem, too. Once they’ve mastered new techniques, their confidence gets a boost. They start to feel good about themselves and become more self-assured of what they are capable of doing.


Through training in martial arts, kids learn to face challenges head on and set achievable goals. With support from their instructors and their parents, our karate students learn to be determined to achieve their goals and overcome challenges no matter what is in front of them. 


In today’s world where individuals lack a sense of follow through on the commitments they make, taking karate classes for kids is a good start to teach young students to understand the value of commitment. Karate teaches them to go to practice even when they don’t feel like it because of their commitment to training.


Taking karate lessons is difficult. The only way to keep learning and growing is to stay positive and to continuously try even when you fail at it. Never giving up is an important life lesson that kids can learn during their karate classes. The belt/ranking system in karate schools help children to set their goals and achieve them through perseverance.


Kids karate classes is the greatest breeding ground for cultivating leaders. When students are confident in themselves, they are better suited to help others in leading by example. Karate also inspires humility as there will always be someone who is better. Humility is not a reflection of weakness but it implies a respectful appreciation of the strength of others. 


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