Villari's Leadership Program

Villari's Black Belt Leadership

Our Leadership Program helps to develop leadership skills, gives students the opportunity to take on leadership roles in class, and builds self-confidence among children and adults. 

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Villari's Black Belt Leadership

About the Leadership Program

What is the Leadership Program?

The Villari’s Leadership Program is an important component of learning and growing in the martial arts. The Leadership Program is a very powerful program that was built and designed to educate, inform, inspire and challenge students to set a new standard of excellence for themselves. The program is built on the principle of “learning through action.”

The Leadership Program is for students who want to take their martial arts practice to a higher level and develop and learn leadership and instruction skills. In the leadership class, we will be specifically teaching and explaining leadership strategies as well as having specialized training sessions to help raise your physical performance to a higher level.

Leadership Students can hone their skills, get out in public, and develop teamwork by joining our Community Outreach Teams. They can also begin to explore the world of martial arts weapons Training. 

Finally, members get the prestige of wearing a special Blue Uniform and are eligible to attend additional specialty classes not available to other students.

How to Join

Step One: Fill out a Leadership Nomination form and return it to your instructor

Step Two: After receiving notice that your nomination has been approved, schedule a conference to discuss your commitment to the program.

Step Three: Complete the Leadership Enrollment process and order your special Leadership Uniform and equipment.

Step Four: Choose a date to be presented your diploma in class. 

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Benefits of the Leadership Program

Leadership Life Skills

Leadership Life Skills

Leadership Students are taught how to lead in school rather than just follow the crowd. It teaches our kids to resist peer pressure and do the right thing. 

Role Model

Student Role Models

Students learn how to set an example and be a role model. Leaders have opportunities to assist in classes and act as role models for other students. 



Older Leadership Students are encouraged to mentor younger students and teach them by setting an example.

Advanced Training

Advanced Karate Training

Because Leadership students are also part of the Advanced Training Program (ATP), they're equipped to reach their goals more quickly. 

Weapons Training

Advanced Weapons Training

As a Leadership student, you are eligible to receive advanced weapons training (Bo Staff, Sai, and the Sword) to further your martial arts knowledge and expertise.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers

Leadership students can proudly display their status by wearing the official blue uniform, as well as, receive 20% off all purchase and events.

Black Belt Leadership Membership

Leadership Program membership includes the following:

  • The traditional Villari's curriculum covered in the Basic Program
  • The advanced training included in the Advanced Training Program
  • Leadership training classes
  • Weapons training (Bo Staff, Sai, Chinese Broadsword)
  • Leadership Manual containing Life Skills, Leadership Skills and Physical Skills curriculum material
  • Custom Leadership Uniform with the student’s name in gold lettering on the back
  • Embroidered black belt presented upon earning that rank
  • Discounts on all muchandise and events

Leadership Program Membership

Leadership Program Membership

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