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Learn how American Martial Arts Academy supports our local community.

Who we Are And why You Should Train Here

American Martial Arts Academy is proud to not only serve our student body since 2014, but also be a strong part of our community. Part of our community outreach program has been to aid our surrounding area by serving our local schools and local charities.


FREE Community Events

After School Karate Programs

After School Karate Programs

Our Martial Arts Character Education Course Includes Classes Geared Towards The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Martial Arts. It Will Help Improve Your Child’s Focus, Discipline, And Confidence - Setting Them Up For Success In Life.

After School Karate Programs

Community Service Events

We would love to discuss more details and we are now scheduling meetings for the school year. Community Service events are available to all public and private schools in the Chester Springs and surrounding areas.

Cub Scout Self Defense Classes

Cub Scout Workshops

Classes are offered by American Martial Arts Academy for FREE to any local school, girl scout group, business, moms group, or any organization where you want to be empowered to take control. 🥋😀

In The Community | American Martial Arts Academy

Kick-A-Thon Fundraisers

American Martial Arts Academy hosts Kick-A-Thon fundraisers for organizations that serves so many in our community. We have raised thousands of dollars in the past for local non-profit organizations.🙂

After School Karate Programs

PTA Fundraisers

American Martial Arts Academy provided a fundraiser for each schools PTO. Our goal is to raise minimum $500 - $1000 per school. This could be used for school supplies, sponsoring school events, or discretionary spending.

Kids Empowerment Seminars​

Kids Empowerment Seminars

At American Martial Arts Academy we are committed to giving back to our community and empowering our youth with confidence, self discipline, and the character skills needed to be successful in life.

In The Community | American Martial Arts Academy

Back to School Event Support

We always welcome the new school year by helping our local elementary schools with their back to school bash party. We give away over $500 in gifts and prizes. It's super cool because everyone gets something!

In The Community | American Martial Arts Academy

Women Self Defense Workshops

American Martial Arts Academy offers FREE Women's Self-Defense Classes that will help give you the security and peace of mind in knowing that you can dramatically increase the chances of surviving or avoiding a violent attack. 👊

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