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Our trained Self Defense Experts will teach your children how to stay safe in today’s fast-paced world as well as how to respond properly to many potentially dangerous situations.  

About our Child Safety Program

Overview for Parents

The premise of our safety program is that although there is an abundance of violence in modern society, there is plenty we can do to minimize the odds of it happening to our children.

Can someone take every precaution possible to keep their family safe and still have them be attacked? Of course! But with the right preparation, the right training, and the right mindset, the odds will be strongly stacked in your child’s favor.

A child who has been properly trained in strategic self defense will feel more confident and empowered. That feeling alone will allow this child to carry themselves in a different manner. Looking less like a victim they won’t be bothered as much by predatory school mates or strangers.

Our Child Safety Program is based on recognition, avoidance, and diffusion (or defense). We teach our young students that physical self-defense strategies should only be used when there are no other options. In order to be effective, the strategies taught are simple to learn, easy to apply, and incredibly effective.

Free Child Safety Classes at Villari's
Free Child Safety Classes at Villari's

Workshops Offered

Child Safety Tips

Child Safety Skills

We believe that there are 5 important safety skills that every child should learn. They are: 

  • The importance of safe habits
  • Learning to be aware
  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Learning to take immediate action when threatened
  • Learning from your experiences and the experiences of others.

Stranger Alert

Child Safety Classes

We teach 4 different Safety Classes:

  • ABC’s of Conflict Avoidance
  • Stranger Alert/NO-GO-YELL-TELL
  • Five Rules of Personal Safety
  • Trust Your Intuition

Done with Bullying

Done With Bullying

The purpose of this program is to help children of all ages overcome the negative impact of bullying. This program teaches participants:

  • Awareness – How identify predator behavior
  • Avoidance – Realistic ways to avoid being a target of bullying
  • Assertiveness – How to stop bullying behavior

Research shows that bullying peaks in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades. The goal of this program is to minimize the effects of predatory behavior in grade school and middle school-aged children. This will be accomplished through role playing, small group discussions and empathy training.


Feel free to download one or all of our sample handouts we use in our workshops.

Summer Safety Tips (pdf)


Bully Prevention Kit (pdf)


Safety Skill Sheet (pdf)


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