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The Advanced Training Program (ATP) sessions are designed to allow the instructor to focus on the student and his or her needs, and offers more focused time in the areas that the student needs the most attention in.  

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About ATP

Black Belt Club

What is the Advanced Training Program?

The Advanced Training Program (ATP) is simply the group of students whose goal it is to achieve the rank of Black Belt at Villari's.

The Program is a tool and support system to help focus students on that commitment and help them reach that long term goal.

How to Qualify

Any student can be in ATP, but it is a commitment and a promise we take seriously, so students must have trained long enough to know if they want to really make that commitment.

The rank of Black Belt can take up to 4 years or more (depending on training) so a student should be an Blue Belt or higher to join.

Students who are firmly committed to achieving their black belt and are willing to train consistently throughout the year are good candidates for this program 

Dedication and Time

Just as with anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you become.

Being a ATP member allows you to train extra times per week. This program will include one ATP session, a half hour class that may be scheduled at any time before or after group class or when classes are not being taught, as well as up to two group lessons. 

You also have the option of participating in our specialty class (Black Belt Training). This class will help you develop even more skill on top of what you are already getting in your weekly classes.

Benefits of the Program

We know that the goal of every student is to make it to Black Belt and the many degrees beyond.  We are confident that the ATP Program will help the student obtain that goal.

If you are familiar with private lessons for any activity, sports, music, singing, etc., then you will understand the quality of more individual attention, as well as the value. 

We at Villari’s will give you the best of both worlds with the ATP Program at an affordable price.

ATP Students Receive

Group Karate Classes

Group Classes

Membership is based on up to TWO group class per week, with four or more class times to choose from.

Weekly Private Training Sessions

Weekly ATP Sessions

Membership includes ONE ATP session each week, consisting of a ½ hour scheduled class with the instructor consisting of no more than 6 students.

Embroidered Black Belt

Embroidered Black Belt

Students will receive an embroidered Black Belt to be displayed at the studio and given to the student upon earning that rank

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